We work with changemakers around the world to identify and effectively address systemic root causes of social and environmental problems.


In doing so, we activate and support a global network of social entrepreneurs, innovators, executives, policy makers, foundations, academics and activists to build an Everyone a Changemaker world. Let's collaborate. Get in touch.



Systems Change Strategy Accelerator

We support social entrepreneurs from the Ashoka network to design and refine effective systems change and changemaker generating strategies.


Systems Change Research Lab

We create open knowledge products on systems change based on best practices from our network.


Systems Change Ecosystem Initiatives

We co-create a supportive environment for all changemakers working to improve systems.

Strategy Support


Systems like health care, education, environmental protection, and others are human-made systems that often do not serve the good of the many, even when created with the best of intentions. However, where governments are too slow to innovate and companies do not see a business case, there are teams of changemakers who take on the responsibility to improve systems for the good of the many.

Ashoka calls the initiators of these teams systems-changing social entrepreneurs. For the last 40 years, the Ashoka team has been identifying and selecting such social entrepreneurs as Fellows to help them increase the positive impact of their work in the world.  

We launched Ashoka Globalizer in 2010 to support Fellows to take their work global. Shortly after launching, we recognized the need to focus on spreading ideas instead of growing organizations.  Finally, we saw a gap in identifying root causes and the systems that create problems, and began to support Ashoka Fellows to recalibrate their strategies or build entirely new ones based on systems analysis.

Strategy Accelerator_Globalizer
Launched in

social entrepreneurs developed clear and robust systems change strategies

A common feature across strategies - activating changemaker

in people to improve systems.

20+ Million

 US dollars raised by social entrepreneurs through new strategies




Knowledge Production


Working alongside leading social entrepreneurs across topics and countries for years, we started noticing patterns in how they go about improving systems and creating more changemaker opportunities. We realized that this knowledge, if captured, could serve many more changemakers working on improving systems than our team could ever serve directly.

For this reason, in 2018 we emphasized creating open knowledge products on how systems change happens. Our priority is to make the learning process well-structured, fun, free and accessible for anybody in the world. 

Our knowledge products take the form of animated online courses, podcasts, reports, articles and keynote speeches. Thousands of changemakers across the citizen sector, companies, and governments are already using this knowledge to improve systems and engage more changemakers in North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. 


Research Lab Globalizer

Program Start


Online Courses & Podcast Seasons




continents is where thousands of changemakers use our knowledge.


Co-creating a supportive environment for all changemakers


With time we have come to realize that for changemakers to successfully implement systemic changes, they need more than strategic support and knowledge. They need an entire supportive environment – including funders who understand why and how to finance systems change efforts and intermediaries (incubators, accelerators, networks and door-openers) who are willing and able to offer suitable support. 

We have thus started our ecosystem endeavors to unlock more funding for systems change initiatives and enable intermediaries to effectively support changemakers in their systems change work.  


Globalizer Ecosystem
Launched in

official training for Systems Change Funders

Our report on funding systems change was presented at the
World Economic Forum

What changemakers and peers say about our work

Globalizer was an excellent experience; it allowed me to scale the impact of my organization from 10,000 people to 4.5 million. It was one of the most important professional growth experiences and came at a difficult time that allowed us to keep our organization alive and fulfill our mission.

Gaby Arenas de Meneses
Ashoka Fellow from Venezuela | Founder of Fundacion TAAP | Cohort Participant 2018
Social Entrepreneur

The key change was in moving from a micro to a macro level goal, perspective and strategy - from being content with dealing with a few farmers to having a goal and strategy to transform the life of all farmers in the sector.

John John
Ashoka Fellow from India | Founder of Grassroot Tea Corporation
Social Entrepreneur

I previously looked at our social impact at IKEA as having a one-way focus from corporate to social change and mostly as donation of product, money or time. Now I see it as a two-way street where we collaborate to create win-win solutions that make society better.

Rob Olson
COO at IKEA USA | Thought Partner in our Process
Rob Olsen

The Globalizer materials were greatly relevant and helpful for me and our work. They highlighted how important it is for everyone to have a role in changemaking and encouraged us to set up a meeting with multiple stakeholders and establish the tone of their participation as active participants.

Ximena Abogabir
Ashoka Fellow from Chile | Founder of Casa de la Paz | Participant of our Online Course
Ximena Fellow

The Mindset Shift course contains such good, thought-provoking content. When you link it up with Ashoka Globalizer’s other resources on systems change, working with government, scaling and funding, it adds up to a very practical ecosystem of support for social entrepreneurs.

Brendan Dunford
Ashoka Fellow from Ireland | Founder of the Burren Programme | Participant in the Mindset Shift Course
Brendan Fellow

The people behind the work

We are an eleven-person close-knit global team sharing a mutual passion for systemic social impact and the activation of changemaking around the world. Amongst us you'll find enthusiastic strategists, authors, philosophers, diplomats, psychologists, social economists, and teachers. 

We work remotely out of 9 different countries meeting on screens and in person as well as in virtual reality!