A Supportive Environment for all Changemakers



With time we have come to realize that for changemakers to successfully implement systemic changes, they need more than strategic support and knowledge. They need an entire supportive environment – including funders who understand why and how to finance systems change efforts and intermediaries (incubators, accelerators, networks and door-openers) who are willing and able to offer suitable support.   

We have thus started our ecosystem endeavors to unlock more funding for systems change initiatives and enable intermediaries to effectively support changemakers in their systems change work.


Globalizer Ecosystem

Our Systems Change Ecosystem Initiatives

Catalyst 2030

Catalyst 2030 is a network of social entrepreneurs that collaborate to improve the conditions for social entrepreneurship around the world and to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Members of the Globalizer team accompanied the very early development process and still support the network as founding members today. As of June 2022, Catalyst has over 1,300 member organizations.

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Investors in Change

Investors in Change is a learning opportunity for donors who want to become more effective supporters of social entrepreneurs. It focuses on systemic initiatives and the funding practices that are needed for that work. Co-initiated by Ashoka Globalizer and other partners, it was first implemented by the Forum for the Future in 2021 with more cohorts planned in the years to come.

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EU Commission

Social Innovation in the European Commission

The European Commission is developing new ideas for supporting social innovators and changing philanthropy in Europe. Over the course of 2022, Ashoka Globalizer has been helping their team to understand the perspective and needs of social entrepreneurs.

Systems Change funding platform

A Systems Change Funding Platform

A Systems Change Funding Platform is being developed by Catalyst 2030 to help donors find the right social ventures, and to help social entrepreneurs get the resources they need to change social systems for the better. Ashoka Globalizer has been part of the task force that has been developing the ideas in 2021 and 2022, together with Ashoka’s President Emerita Diana Wells.